Saratoga Youth Rugby

About the Saratoga Youth Rugby Program

Coached & run by Saratoga Rugby Club, the program is designed to build rugby from the ground up. It is a developmental brand of rugby, featuring boys and girls, ages 6-13 years of age and is non-contact. The game is played under a safe environment, which allows youth athletes to progress their skills.  Its primary focus is on developing players at a younger age to increase the standard of the sport in the area for the foreseeable future. SRC is dedicated to develop these young players safely, and promote the game the way it should be played.

It is recognized by the Saratoga Springs Park & Rec Commission, and is now on the same level as youth soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, etc.  The Recreation Department of Saratoga Springs works closely with Saratoga Rugby Club to help promote the Saratoga Youth Rugby program which offers an equal opportunity for all participants to learn new skills, gain more knowledge and develop character through team building activities. We want to create a greater sense of community one with shared goals and values, and the endorsement of the Recreation Commission is a significant step forward us.

“Youth Rugby aligns with the mission of the Recreation Department, offering another positive and safe program for our children to participate in. The program which doesn’t travel and accepts all participant levels is a model the Recreation Department believes will benefit our community and children” says John Hirliman, Administrative Director of Recreation; City of Saratoga.

Want to know more?

Please leave your information below if you are interested, or have any questions/comments/concerns.


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