High School Rugby


SARATOGA RUGBY CLUB HIGH SCHOOL BOYS program is out to set the standard for High School Rugby not only in the Capital District Youth Rugby (CDYR) league, but as well in the USA!  Perfectly placed between our Youth & Collegiate programs and drawing from over 8 regional High Schools, the program is one of the most crucial to the vertical success and long term viability of the club.The High School program will benefit immediately from the high level coaching resources and in the future from the Youth, Collegiate & Premier programs that all support each other seamlessly!


Saratoga Rugby Club would like to officially announce Victor Gibbs and Tyler Wachtel as the Directors of SRC’s High School Program (boys & girls).

Tyler Wachtel

Tyler Wachtel is a local HS graduate and now a veteran with the SRC Premier Men’s program, as well as the Director of Saratoga Collegiate program.

Tyler started with the club back in 2015 and has progressed as one of the largest prospective talents in the clubs history. Tyler is a fantastic player on the field, and his professional and passionate nature for the sport has caused him to be an integral member of leadership positions and has netted him a spot in the growing high school program.

Victor Gibbs


Victor Gibbs recently relocated to Saratoga, holds over a decade of rugby playing/coaching experience.

Victor played for the Bears at Naples High School in Naples Florida. He coached for Bethel High School for 2 years and the Hampton Heat’s high school and U23 program for a few years.

Along with the new coaching staff, the players will be introduced to concepts on an international level, as we will be having special coaching sessions with some of the best Premier players, as well as international players/coaches as well.

Victor and Tyler look to utilize Saratoga’s network of players and coaches to provide a developmental platform which looks to study the fundamentals of the game, and increase individual skill and strategic knowledge in a safe and progressive environment.

Congrats Tyler and Victor!

For more information please contact Victor at victor.gibbs1188@gmail.com or Tyler at tyler.j.wachtel@gmail.com