Become an Official All-In Sponsor!


The Backstory:

Back in the Spring of 2016, the Saratoga Premier Club would embark on a journey to have a successful run, in which players would continue to develop and thrive. In doing so, the club finished out a Spring season with an undefeated record.

Now, the official NERFU (New England Rugby Football Union) season does not start until the early fall, but the team had gone into the year with great momentum, a successful culture based on hard work, commitment, support, respect for each other and opponents, and a winning pride for the city that these men play for.

The Club would take that winning approach into the following season, and move on to become NERFU DIII Champions and one of the most successful seasons in the clubs history.

Saratoga would defeat New London CT 42-39 to take the title!

They would not only win their respective league, but they would also have an unblemished 2016 record of 15 wins and 0 loses. It was clear that they were on to something with their approach. Their success netted them home field advantage for the initial playoffs for the chance to compete at the Annual USA Rugby National Championship Series in Glendale, CO.

team champs

From this success, the club has created foundation that firmly hold true to our cities passion for sporting excellence and strive for premier quality.

With the Fall ’16 season coming to and end in  early November, the club knew it had to keep its standard of quality, passion, and support going. So in January of 2017, the Premier squad partnered with Dave Blomquist over at CrossFit Soulshine, and he provided premier training during the winter months in preparation for a National Title Run.

Through this, what rang true was this group of men’s dedication to be the best in the United States at what we do, and the club believed in the idea in getting behind whatever it took to be in a position to bring home a National Championship to Saratoga Springs, NY. And from that they began the “All-In” Mantra.

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We are looking for local businesses and business owners who identify with the idea of support for each other, and would like to join Saratoga Rugby Club on this adventure to become the best in the country!

Your purchase of a slot on our 3×15 ft banner will represent our cities commitment to its team. Your support will allow the club to offset some of the cost that come with travelling and preparing for a national title run as an amateur club, but it will also represent the idea that Saratoga stands behind its local sports, and is proud of the product it creates.

What you get for $250:

Our 2017 National Championship Run Schedule. Fall 2017 games run from Aug. – November, and are TBD.


We will produce the banner at no extra cost to you. Your logo will be prominently displayed for all our playoff matches and be promoted on our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel. The photos and content will be send to local news outlets (Saratogian, Saratoga Today, etc.) for publication. We will also be looking to run a story about your commitment to the local rugby team!

In the event of a National Championship victory, your banner will be displayed and will represent your business as local supporters of a National Champion! We will also be placing your banner on the sidelines for every home game for the remainder of the 2017 season.

All-in-all, we are buying into ourselves, and looking for any local support to do the same.

Click here if you are interested in being an All-In Sponsor, and send your logo to Rob Michelin at