Dennis Lobosco (c)

Leadership Squad Announced for 2016-2017 Season. Lobosco Named Captain.

On Thursday,  August 26, SRC President Jaco Visser announced that Dennis Lobosco had been selected as Captain of the Premier XV’s squad for the Spring 2016-2017 Season. Dennis has been one of SRC’s most veteran players and holds a host of experience.

Dennis (left)  has also made appearances on Saratoga Premier’s prior XV Team (the Stampede) as well as played for Saratoga Rugby Club’s Classics (over 35’s).  Brian White (right) will assist Dennis as one of the Vice-Captain roles.

This tight forward is one of the most respected players in the history of Saratoga Rugby Club. He has been a crucial part of Saratoga Rugby Clubs inaugural years, playing decades of high caliber rugby, with a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and experience with the club.


Congrats Dennis!

Jason Huart’s Previous experience will no doubt be a huge asset for the club this year.

Brian White and Jason Huart will assist Dennis in Captaincy roles for the season. Both Brian and Jason have been in leadership roles with the club for almost a decade. With Jason being a previous Captain as well. Brian has had many roles within the organization. Serving as Coach, Captain, Teammate, and Board Member.


SRC Veteran Rob Michelin will also be assisting as the Lineout Specialist and will lead the squad with providing dynamic schemes during set pieces.

Rob Michelin has previous Captaincy experience also serving as VC to Stephen Aguglia when SRC Premier took 3rd place in the Nation in 2012-2013

SRC Premier looks to utilize all elements of leadership and experience to turn the 2016 Fall season into a successful endeavor. SRC is no doubt doing all it can to prepare for the upcoming match vs. Old Gold Rugby Club on September 10th.