Saratoga Rugby Club’s Holiday Party Announced for Dec. 11th at The Barrelhouse

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Saratoga Rugby Club’s Holiday Party is back and more festive than ever!

Tickets are $50 bucks, and enjoy the open bar, great food from the Barrelhouse, and meet some of your favorite rugby players and future superstars! This year we will also be participating in Toys for Toga. Please bring an unwrapped present to the event and become a great part to this amazing charity!

Date and Time: Friday Dec. 11, 7-10 pm

Tickets: $50 (provides open bar, food) Purchase tickets here!

Attire: Formal Dress-wear

Location: The Barrelhouse

SRC will also bring hose to a variety of festive games, awards, and so much more!

Trust us when we say you do not want to miss this! Click Here to RSVP!

Saratoga Rugby Grounds to Host NSCRO CHAMPIONS/CHALLENGE NORTHEAST QUALIFIERS this Saturday Nov. 14

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This weekend the “NSCRO” Champions Cup and Challenge Cup Northeast Qualifiers will be played at our fields. Both matches are sure to be great as these teams continue to build on their successes.
Who will walk onto the beautiful Saratoga Rugby Grounds on 5 Clement Ave. on Nov.14 and leave Saratoga Springs the victor and take the next step towards true Championship glory!
NSCRO Champions Cup
University of Maine-Orono (New England RFU Runner Up)
Plattsburgh State University (Upstate Small CRC Runner Up)
NSCRO Challenge Cup
Salem State University (New England RFU)
Canisius College (Upstate Small CRC)

Saratoga Stampede Takes on Albany Knicks in Northway Rivalry

As the Stampede come off of their first win of the season, they recognize that when Saratoga and Albany face off, it’s a very different game than any other match-up in NERFU. The Albany Knicks have been around for over 40 years, and in that time has established themselves as the top powerhouse of rugby for decades. “The fact that Saratoga has grown to a level that can compete year in and year out with Albany is a testament to rugby growth in the region as a whole,” SRC vet Rob Michelin said. “With most of NERFU’s teams in the Boston area, its really something special to have these two teams be able to compete for top spot and create a rugby spectacle in Northern New York.”

The last time these 2 teams met, Saratoga defeated Albany 33-26 for the first time in the clubs history, and this Summer, the Stallions were able to defeat Albany in every match in the NERFU sevens circuit. This has no doubt caused massive respect for both clubs, and the entire region can take notice that both teams will be battling hard for the win this Sunday.

Be sure to check out this game on Saturday, October 3rd at 12pm. The game will be at Dick Green Memorial Field in Albany. This game will sure to excite!

Saratoga Defeats Burlington 42-20. Ryan Sweet takes home Man of Match Honors.

As both teams were warming up, you could just sense it in the air that Saratoga knew that today was going to be a tough game, but a winnable one if the team just stayed focused on its game plan and kept ball in hand.

“We really wanted to get our set piece play and out back line chemistry down in practice this week.” Captain Nick King said after the game. “And our guys really took the week of training before the match to heart.”

The game started out just as expected. And all out physical match against both teams big men. Burlington had some major size and was not afraid to attack the edge of the rucks with forward lines and pick and goes. It was the amazing efforts of newcomer tight 5 player Jeremy Jelinek, who would meet Burlington in the trenches and shutdown any movement. It was also players such as Josh Sperry who attacked the gain line and caused many issues in Burlington’s attempts to offload. It was this tenacity from the forwards which caused Burlington to make arrant throws and play sloppy in the rucks. In which forwards such as Nick King and Rob Michelin would expose and manage to win back the ball. This gave the backs the ability to build chemistry and force Burlington to run sideline to sideline. This would eventually tire out the defense of Burlington, in which no. 13 Mike Gonzalez would run through gaps and find holes in the defense all day. Saratoga was able to pull all this together into a consistent scoring game, allowing tries steadily for over 80 mins. Although Burlington managed to turn the ball around with some physical scores on their own, Saratoga would walk away with a 42-20 Victory.

However, the games real story was Saratoga back line player Ryan Sweet. Ryan was Saratoga’s point kicker for the first time in his career. He managed to not only get Saratoga every +2 after all 6 tries, but also netted a few runs to the outside and scored 2 tries himself.


Saratoga will now take this momentum into Albany next week to face its hometown rivals, the Albany Knicks This Saturday at Dick Green Memorial Park.

Ryan Sweet's development in the kicking game and his progression in open space will be sure to make him quite the frustration for the rest of NERFU.

Ryan Sweet’s development in the kicking game and his progression in open space will be sure to make him quite the frustration for the rest of NERFU.

Stampede Looking to Turn the Tide with Burlington This Weekend


Saratoga is certainly looking to improve on it’s set piece offense and defense this week against Burlington.

As the Stampede come off their second bye week of the season with a 0-2 record, there is certainly a tinge of urgency in the air within the squad. The team has spent the last 2 weeks intensifying practices and focusing for the next opponent. If you were to walk past 5 Clement Ave. on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, you would find a rugby club that is poised and confident as they finish each drill, line-out, and scrum with intense focus and hunger.

Burlington, whom last year lost to Saratoga 78-12, will be coming to capitalize on the Stampede’s first two games and lack of momentum. The Northern VT rugby club will be looking to utilize its overpowering size and cause havoc for the Saratoga tight 5. However, Captain Nick King feels confident that the team is prepared to match the physicality of Burlington with equal tenacity and overwhelming speed and athleticism.

Kick-off begins at 1pm. We strongly encourage all of Saratogians to come see what is sure to be a great match!

Post-game activities will be after the match at Peabody’s Sports Bar and Grill.

Saratoga Stampede Sets Sights on Worcester Massachusetts on Saturday, Sept. 12


After suffering a tough loss to top ranked Mystic River, the team is now poised to gain momentum after the first bye week of the season.

Captain Nick King remains poised, as he will rally his team together for a tough match against Worcester Rugby Club. “Saratoga and Worcester seem to be growing as a notable rivalry in NERFU.” King said as “we both always play eachother tough, and this will no doubt be a physical match. We respect their ability to attack the short and midfield, so we will certainly be looking to match their physicality from the get go.”

The Stampede certainly hope to avenge their close loss to Worcester last season, in which they were defeated 21-29 with a final surge by WRC to give them the victory and gave SRC one of their only few loses on the year.

The game will be held in Worcester, Massachusetts at 11am. Be sure to follow our facebook and twitter page for all the live updates, scores, highlights and recaps of all the action!

Saratoga Defeated 40-5 in Home Opener vs. Mystic River. Wachtel Takes Man of Match.

As Saratoga Rugby Club was set to face the previous years NERFU Champions in Division 2, the team realized that they would most likely be facing their toughest opponent in week 1.

The club started out strong, with a back and forth offensive battle that waged on with both teams not scoring in the games first 20 mins. But it was Saratoga’s inability to keep ball in hand during open play in which Mystic would capitalize on with the first score of of the match. After that, Mystic would throw together some fast acting offense and caught Saratoga’s defense flat footed and would cause the SRC to be down a few tries at halftime.

It was ultimately the Stampede’s inability to produce in scrums and lineout’s which would ultimately seal Saratoga’s fate. Mystic was dominating in the scrums and threw off Saratoga’s lineouts which would cause Saratoga to play primarily defensively, and it was only a matter of time until Mystic scored the final few tries to seal the game. It was only by a game-ending try from Tim Hartwell which would net Saratoga’s only score on the day. Leaving the score at the final whistle 40-5.


Tyler is quickly becoming one of the fastest up-and-comers in the NERFU circuit. Photo Courtesy of: Evoke Photography.

The Stampede was not without its shining moments. MoM Tyler Wachtel had an absolute brilliant performance. With game changing runs, try scoring tackles, and an effortless work rate which netted him and outstanding performance. Congrats Tyler!

Saratoga, although disappointed in the outcome, remains hungry and optimistic that they can pull together and become a top seed in NERFU.

The team now heads into a bye week, in which they hope to recover quickly against Worcester Massachusetts on Sept 12th.

Stallions reach halfway point of season with a 6-1-1 record.

With the Saratoga Stallions reaching the halfway point, we take a quick recap of the stats and scores of each match they have played so far and look forward to seeing how they will finish out.

If the first half is anything like the second, we are in for quite the summer!

Summer 2015 Stats: 6-1-1

Worcester 7’s Tournament: Cup Champions

Game:                            Outcome:     Score:

Albany                                 W            22-5

Nairobi Exiles                      D            12-12

Hartford, CT                        W            40-0

New London                       W             22-5

New Port 7’s Tournament: 3rd Place

Boston Maccabis             W                32-12

Old Blue III                       W                17-5

South Shore                     L                19-14

Boston Woulfhounds        W               Forfeit

Saratoga Rugby Grounds to Host Rugby NY’s All-Star Tournament on June 13th!

hs all star tournament

Saratoga Rugby Club has secured a bid to host the Rugby New York All-Star tournament on June 13th. Saratoga is proud to host this event and is looking towards bridging the gap between the men’s Stallions, and the youth and High School Programs across America. “In our opinion, we are excited and motivated to give the young rugby players a great quality tournament to show off the standard of rugby that we hold ourselves to.” Said SRC’s Director of Marketing/Public Relations Rob Michelin. Also, “we are not just recruiting for Saratoga Rugby, we are recruiting for the future of American Rugby. SRC believes that if we can offer these kids the “wow” factor, they will be much more likely to further their rugby career and have a chance reach unbelievable heights in the American Rugby Circuit.

Here is the Schedule for Saturday:

Capital v Met JV

Capital v Met JV
Capital v Met V

Capital v Met V

Met v West JV

Met v West JV

Met v West V

Met v West V

Capital v West JV
Met v West V

Come out and Support your NY high school programs and join Saratoga Rugby Club in welcoming these future olympians.